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I think Venus is my fave Monster High ghoul.


i just scheduled a job interview AND I AM DYING this is literally the first job interview i’ve ever had seriously my hands are sweating and i already said something marginally stupid but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal in fact it might have just made me seem more flexible/easy to please idk but seriously AAAHHHHHHHHH

I don’t know you, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Just remember to smile to your interviewer. Maybe crack up a joke or two (little jokes, of course). Prove them you know toys and are passionate about them, but also that you’re not afraid of sepending time on things you might find boring (there will be boring stuff). 

The person in front of you is human, so just make contact with them and everything will be ok. 

Jim Cummings - In the Dark of the Night
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Hummingriffon’s Massive Multi-Fandom Giveaway

For followers of hummingriffonponymovienightpoppleparty,everafterhighjournals, or monsterhighdiaries

Timeframe: From now til 11:59 p.m. EST, October 31, 2014


  • Must be following one or more of the blogs above.
  • Like or reblog to enter for all prizes.
  • If you only want to enter for a specific prize (for example if you are only interested in popples) reblog with a note (for example “popples”) on the post not in the tags.  Liking will enter you for all prizes, so in this caseonly reblog.
  • Reblog as much as you like but be considerate of your followers please
  • I will ship internationally idec but if you’re international send me a postcard or something eh, i’d love to have a stamp & postmark from your country =3
  • Askbox must be open so I can tell you you won & you can give me your address.
  • If I don’t hear from you in 1 day I’ll message you again, 3 days I’ll draw another name.
  • Not for giveaway blogs


  • MH - Draculaura NIB*
  • MH - Abbey Bominable NIB*
  • G4 - Chapstick set with Rainbow Dash and Derpy MIB*
  • G4 - Sunset Shimmer NOC*
  • Old-gen MLP: Diva pose Pinkie Pie
  • Old-gen MLP: Sparkleworks
  • Popples: T.D. Popple
  • Popples: Potato Chip Popple mini

*Can be removed from package if you want to and if it saves on shipping


  • I will assign each prize a number 1-8 randomly.  I will then select 1 winner for each prize in that order, using random.org.

Shameless Plug: Let me introduce you to all the blogs involved in this giveaway so you can go follow them ok

Yay, someone who ships internationally (and I’d be more than happy to send a postcard back). I’d be interested in the g3 ponies, of course.

Also reblogging for anyone else who would be interested … I find ponymovienight a very nice way to relax after work


Seamstress Frankie!


Seamstress Frankie!


I found new Barbie Movies concept arts!



More Barbie movies reaction gifs for you all!



My MH collection so far.

Princess Sofia talking doll.

She’s so sweet, I just adore her!